Friday, 5 July 2013

What am I good at?

This is the worst day for me. What am I good at? That means blowing my own trumpet. 

I'm not good at that. 

Yeah, banter is different. I can say how awesome I am if it's a joke.

I think the thing I am good at, without it being a 'thing' is just being true to myself. 

This isn't really a good thing for my poor fiancé though. Let me explain.....

I LOVE crap music. When I say crap, that's other people's opinions. I love backstreet boys. I love Justin Bieber. I love Drum and Bass too. (Eclectic mix already) I love EDM. I love 90s RnB. 

I love vintage. Like love it. Not Retro. That's a little too cool for me. 

I love the bright pink sweatshirt with Hippos on that was my mother in laws that I rescued from going to the dump and wore it whilst I was pregnant. There was a lovely calf length button up shift dress that I rescued too. I have my nanas head scarves that mum pinched from my grandads house for me. I love the pots and pans I have inherited from her home since she passed away. 

I love anything that reminds me of my nan. 

I have her knitting needles, some I have had since I was a little girl. Some I have acquired more recently. 

I love old fashioned furniture. Not shabby chic but old. Things you'd find in a 90 year old ladies house. 

I'm good at being true to my own individual personality. 

I get excited about the most random things like Angel Delight and my heart flutters at the 'frightening' dresses in the local charity shops, and I buy them, and I rock them!!! 

Unfortunately, the only thing that I cannot do, is hang plates on the wall. :( my nana did before me so it's only fair I do too. So I am limited to housing them beautifully on my dresser. 

Basically my other half is preventing me being the slightly crazy person I am. I just get called wierd not crazy.

If only he knew. 

So I guess it wasn't totally on topic but I'm proud of being myself. 

I have crazy bright ideas. I get emotionally attached to things and places. I have my head firmly secured in a very fluffy pink cloud and that's the way I like it. 

Be yourself. Don't pretend to be anyone else. Rock your own personality :) 


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