Sunday, 14 July 2013

My brand new Vintage Outfit!!

Photos courtesy of Samantha Goddard of 

So, I went to the local Pop-up Vintage Fair at Adastra Hall in Hassocks and WOW there was a lot of amazing things! 

I do need to start being a little more selective as I seem to have a lot of pretty much everything. Hehe. 

I bought myself a beautiful platter and flour sifter from Sam, a vintage flower press and this amazing Bathing Suit! And it even came with a story. 

It is about as genuinely vintage as you get. You don't get boned bathing suits anymore, do you? And I am even more please to say, that it fit me! 

The lady that was selling it found it in an undisclosed location and needed to buy a few bits for a Marilyn Monroe lookalike for Goodwood, but when said lookalike saw the bathing suit, she wasn't overly taken with it. Hence why I now have it! 

This lady was fabulous and I really wish I had more time to talk to her. She was one of those terribly interesting people who didn't mind sharing her stories. All of which were magical!!

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