Monday, 15 July 2013

My most favouritest place in the whole wide world!

Petworth House 

Petworth House, Petworth, Sussex

I love this place from the bottom of my heart. 

When I think about this place I genuinely get a warm feeling. 

When I visit this place I turn into a small child and start whizzing around and literally spinning! 

I have always desperately wanted to get married at Petworth House BUT they don't do weddings! 

It is the most beautiful building. 

With a stunning chapel. 

With fabulous art. 

With such passionate staff and volunteers who love sharing the stories of the place. 

To the contrasting kitchens that have been renovated back to pre war. 

To the fact that it was turned into a hospital for armed forces in The Great War. 

To the Capability Brown landscaping including the Great Lake and the nature park with their own Deer. 

To the romance of the whole place.

To the fact that this place could never be tainted by anything, ever, in my heart. 

And all because my Nan and Grandad took us there one Summer Holiday when I was a lot younger. 

All because I so desperately want to be close to my Grandparents high expectation of me. 

All because I have always shared in their passion for History, including our own history as a family. 

All because it is always sunny when I visit there. 

Thank you for letting me share my most favourite place in the world with you. 

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