Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My most cherished belonging

This, is my nan's necklace that she gave to me on my 16th birthday. 

I remember getting it and knowing how beautiful it was. It's a pearl which is my birth stone too and there is a tiny diamond on the bow where the 'ribbons' cross over. 

I also remember thinking that I couldn't wear it. I had nowhere to wear it. I was still 'hanging out' with my mates, as kids do, so I wasn't keen on wearing it to get damaged. 

I remember my sister being given a necklace too, it was also one of my nan's old ones but it had a gold necklace and my sister (also my twin) instantly changed the chain on it but still wears that pendant almost every single day and has done since, which was 11 years ago. 

This is the necklace that I wear the most. I don't wear it everyday as I don't want it damaged and I wear quite a bit of dress jewellery, but this is the necklace I will wear while walking down the aisle, just to ensure that she is with me, holding my hand, as I do this. 

She did meet Ben a couple of times before she passed away, and she thought he was wonderful for me. She really liked him! So I know that I will be making her proud when I marry him. 

I know this blog kind of has a theme running through, but I have always lived my life in awe of my nan. I have completely admired her. Even her perceived flaws, I think they are the most perfect flaws in the world!

My nan is the person that I strive to be like, the one influential person in my life that I will consider in every decision I make. Her recipe folder is treated like the Holy Grail. Her Slow Cooker has pride of place in my kitchen. Her Oat Krunchie recipe is only ever made in the dish that my nan used to make it in. Her headscarves are hanging delicately in my bedroom where I can look at them often. 

I can't help but go to my Grandad's house, knowing there is lots of lovely bits of my nan's still in the wardrobes and just wanting to go and touch them. Wanting to collect all the things in the kitchen that remind me of her, including the awesome retro silver dishes she used to serve my favourite in, Butterscotch Angel Delight. 

You have no idea how awesome and inspirational and inspiring and utterly magical my nan was. She never had any large, public achievements but her motives in life were always pure, her family were the most important people to her and she worked hard, alongside my grandad, to carve out a life for our family to give us the best future possible. 

All I can do now is follow suit for the sake of my children! 

Thank you for reading about how much I love my nan, again. 


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