Thursday, 11 July 2013

Best holiday

Hands down the best holiday I have been on is the one I've just got back from. 

Hadn't been on holiday for years and it was really needed. 

But the best thing was that my boyfriend, father of my beautiful Angel girl, asked me to marry him! 

I've got the most beautiful ring from the most amazing man in the world!!!! 

I can't wait to Marry him. He's my hero! My king. 

I can't wait to marry him. For him to be my husband would be a dream come true. 

He's the man I have been waiting to marry all my life. 

Like my dad in the best ways. Like my step dad in other best ways. 

What more would I want than to have more healthy babies with this man! 

I love you Benji. Thank you for making my holiday the best holiday in the world. 


1 comment:

  1. Nice ring! Love is good for you. That's a sweet post. K