Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A Happy Memory

As you probably guessed, my favourite memories are of when I was a young girl, with my beautiful nana.

My happiest, warmest memories are all of times I spent at my nan and grandads house when I was little.

We would do all the things that I had planned to do with my daughter when she was born.

We used to tinkle over the piano, me and my twin sister used to sit either side of my nana on the bench at the piano and muck about pressing the keys. Playing little snippets of tunes. Laugh hard and have awesome cuddles with nana.

We used to sit either side of my nana on the sofa and learn knitting and pearling. With my nana getting frustrated with us dropping stitches and her having to fix it all for us. Marvelling at the rapid clicking of her knitting needles and wishing I could knit and fast and as competent as she.

Sitting at the dining table, making these paper lanterns for Christmas decorations out of the dot matrix paper she got from work. Peeling the edges off before we got down to our crafting or drawing.

And even down to the learning our times tables at the dining table.

When she used to pick our little noses, when we were very little, with the nail on her little finger! A very gratifying habit that I seem to have picked up from her, much to the disgust of my niece.

The butterscotch angel delight in the 1960's metal dishes.

My nana will always be my inspiration for living and my future childcare. She was one amazing woman. Not perfect. But perfectly flawed.



  1. Hello - loving the wedding photo. The imagery you have managed to portray of your times together with your Nana are very beautiful.
    It's great to have a powerful and positive past influence isn't it?
    Glad to be sharing in your Blog a day challenge.

  2. love the memories you have shared of your Nanna,I too was very fond of my nan and miss her a lot,but she's still with me in many ways.I'm a Nanna myself now,none of my 5 grandchildren will let me pick their noses though!!