Thursday, 18 July 2013

My Life's Motto

'We have all suffered some hardship in life. Mine might just be different to yours. So don't judge other people until you know theirs' 

This is so true. 

If you think to that woman in the office. Right sour old grapes isn't she? Doesn't get involved in any conversation at work. Scowls at most people. Grasses you up for wearing flip flops at work maybe? 

Just take a second to think. 

She might have something going on at home, currently or in the past, that has really turned her into this person. Your past can really mould a person into what you are today. 

Hopefully, it has made you into a stronger, more compassionate, easy going person. But, it can also make you quite resentful, almost angry or extremely timid, so much so that you can seem quite stand offish. 

Sometimes it can be not having the most nurturing upbringing, a horrific past, or current, relationship. It could even have been an experience that happened in the flash of a second that left an imprint on your life forever! 

So, before you judge that person, please spare a thought, and have some compassion for that person. And if you really can't tolerate their behaviour, then by all means, give that person a wide berth. 

I always think when you get to know someone, your opinion of that person can dramatically change. On the other hand, it might not? 

Have you ever experienced this or even been mid judged for some things you do as a result of a life changing event? 

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  1. That's a great post and a good life motto to live to. Kay