Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Favourite Quote

'My nan owned it, my mum threw it out and I'm bringing it back!' 

This is my favourite quote in the world and sums up my way of living perfectly. 

I don't just like old things. I genuinely want to live like my nana did. (It's OK she had one of the first microwaves when they came out and experimented a lot with cooking using the microwave.) 

I have just taken delivery of my typewriter. I have my own sewing machine. I support my man while he works late. I TRY to make do and mend within my ability. I have her cookbooks and her folder that she compiled her recipes. I have her pinking shears. I wear her head scarves. I have her jam pot. I would lift anything from her house to have as my own. 

My mum likes everything new. Everything. 

I would dress as my nan did. From the 40s through to the 90s. To me she was a style icon with her beehive dyed brunette until she retired at 65. Never a hair out of place. 

My mum has short cropped hair. Wears trackies to the shops. 

My nan had her kitchen redone once in her life time and treasured it. She had the carpets relaid once and made everyone take their shoes off at the threshold. She wasn't poor, in fact she was quite well off, she just appreciated and cherished those items she had. 

Mum has had 3 new kitchens in 10 years!!

I'm only saying...... 

Which way is better. I know what I would choose. You made do. You made things work. Things were built to last forever. They had a purpose and were beautiful. 

Now back to my typewriter..... 

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