Saturday, 27 July 2013

My Most Favourite Dessert in the whole world!

My most favourite pudding that I ever had in my whole life was an Eton Mess.

Not just any Eton Mess, but a Mango and Passionfruit Eton Mess!

And so simple to make.

What you REALLY need to do is go to any 'cook' shop. You know the ones, the ones that sell beautiful, yummy, hand,add freezer meals! :) buy their mango and Passionfruit coulis.

Go to M&S and buy their small meringue nests and double (naughty) whipping cream and a couple of passionfruits.

Crush meringue nests in a bowl, whip the cream, once whipped, stir in with the meringue.

Gets some small serving glasses, drizzle the insides of the glasses with the coulis, spoon a large dollop of the meringue mix in, drizzle some more coulis over the top and empty the contents of a small Passionfruit over the top. (You can probably decorate 2 desserts with one fruit) get a spoon and eat immediately after serving!

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