Wednesday, 25 June 2014

In need of sleep......!

Gestation. 34 weeks pregnant. 

Why is it when you are pregnant, everyone spends the time reminding you that this is your last opportunity to get any sleep and that you need your rest because 'when baby arrives, you won't get any sleep at all...'. Yeah, apart from the amount of hormones coursing through your body permit that from quite early on in pregnancy! 

Add on top of that the need to pee constantly, being woken by the most wonderful kicks, the odd dreams and horrific nightmares you experience and sleep is a distant known luxury, one you won't reclaim for yourself again for a long time to come. 

As for resting, how do you rest when there is always so much to do? I admit I have made it a particularly arduous mountain to climb as I have spent my whole pregnancy spring cleaning, throwing so much out, just to replace it with new, meaning my ever tolerant other half has done a dump run almost every week for the last 8 weeks so far. 

I have also had my living room, bedroom and nursery all repainted. I have employed the assistance of a dog trainer to help prepare my beautiful boy for the change in his life. I have cleared the garden and made it pretty with lovely flowers, nurturing the bees nest I have tucked away in the lower eaves of my house. 

I'm 2 weeks away from being induced now and now is the time for that last little push to get things done. 

I have just started to organise the items in the nursery now that has been painted, I need to sort my bags for hospital and ensure the rest of the house is ready. Sort the household filing, tidy away all my craft items and finish the crochet blanket for my little girls pram. 

I also think nerves are setting in a tad too around the birth. We hopefully find out the date that we are going to get booked in for our early induction this afternoon. Please keep everything crossed that it is a good date and we don't get put off again.....! 


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