Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Furniture Painting for the Nursery

So, it feels like quite a while ago that I acquired a lovely large piece of furniture destined to be turned into the changing unit for my baby (due in 2 weeks- eek!). 

It was originally in good solid condition but in desperate need of repainting. Especially as it didn't quite work with my colour scheme that I had in mind for the room. 

I had planned to have quite a vintage feel to the room with bursts of colour where I could also. In my mind I am still not convinced that I have achieved it but working to a budget it is quite difficult so I am proud of my efforts to date!  

I wanted four colours all in one room which consisted of yellow, pink, blue and green. I have painted all the walls yellow, the changing unit is pink with blue drawer  fronts and cupboard doors, the nursing chair is pink but I have come to a point where I am to fit a green into the scheme apart from the curtains and the carpet that already existed in the room. Do you think this us enough or shall I add it change something? 

The cot will remain white and the crib will stay unpainted, along with the chest of drawers and single bed which belongs to the landlord. 

Finished nursery photos to follow hopefully very soon!! 


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