Thursday, 26 June 2014

I feel like I have finally bloomed!

Today I am 34 weeks and 1 day. 

Yesterday we had our date of induction confirmed for 9th July 2014. I am so relieved that we are not going over our 36  week threshold. We have been told to 'report' to the hospital at 10am on that day and to bring a bag as I will be kept in as an in-patient. 

Today I went for a bit of a pampering session at a lovely little salon in Brighton who also specialise in vintage hair and make up. I will definately be going back there for more treatments once little Jessica has arrived. I need a good excuse to go and try their skills out in vintage up dos and make up too! Their website can be found at and don't forget to let them know where you heard of them. 

I then went and had a lovely cup of tea with my wonderful friend Sammi and her little princess Leah and her nan was also there too which was lovely. It was so lovely talking to her nan, she is such a lovely lady with so many wonderful stories! Perfect end to my afternoon. 

I then accompanied my other half to the VW Heritage Party, whom he works for, at their new premises in Shoreham. 

It is a huge premises and already looks very impressive inside! They have a huge expanse of space for all their wonderful stock and it was so good to see where the purpose built workshop was going to be for my other half to work his magic in. 

They had on display some of the work that my other half has done to date which was really nice to see, aswell as some of the incredible vehicles of VW Heritage's staff and customers. 

Their Facebook page can be found at they are also on Instagram @vwheritage 

I also met up with some lovely people I have previously met and some new faces too that work for the company or part of the 'extended family'. It really is a nice community to be around. 

I really had a good day today and it was made all that much better by the lovely compliments I got on my bump! Like I said, I finally feel like I've bloomed! People keep telling me how neat my beautiful bump is and that really makes me feel pleased that I haven't let myself go too much. So thank you to those who said something nice about it! 

Don't forget to go and check out the Betty Lou website and the VW Heritage page and Instagram account. There is already some photos appearing from tonight. 


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