Friday, 27 June 2014

Family Sunday?

Sundays to me are a family day. And I adore them! 

The only thing that is a bit pants is that it is the last day of the weekend but it is so much better to be positive about this day! 

I love the lie ins (which I only have several left of before Jessica arrives) and the housework, cooking the other halves favourite meals and really making a fuss of him and making sure he is ready and relaxed for the week ahead. 

It's not a totally selfless task though, he is very helpful on Sundays doing a dump run almost every weekend while I have been trying to get the house ready for our little bundle of joy. 

I can really make an effort with dinners on Sundays, you always feel like you have more time to yourself. I never do a full roast as that isn't really 'my thing' though. Am I the only one that thinks that roast dinners are a lot of hassle for not enough enjoyment? You're always sick of looking at it by the time you sit down to eat it. 

I'm very much looking forward to tonight's dinner, spicy chicken (the technique unashamedly stolen) and handmade chips that gives the other half the excuse to get out his horrid deep fat fryer from the cupboard! And a lovely big salad for my plate!!!! 

It's also a day for me to take stock and think about my week ahead and the tasks that must be completed and any little projects I want to try and get completed. 

All of this could is a lot more difficult than usual. With a little wriggly monster using my skin as a Pilates band with her feet and the SPD restricting me from doing a lot, I have a lot against me. Luckily for me I have been in nesting mode for months so I have been very pro active doing the things that I need to get done. And those things that I physically cannot do I have had some amazing support and spare bodies around to save me from my frustration. 

I have so much to do next week already! I've painted the box to hold all the special bits to serve as a memory box for Jessica and I want to finish decorating that. I want to finish the crochet blanket I am making for her. I would love to make some little cafe curtains for the kitchen which should only take an hour to make, including measuring up and I'm desperate for a new battery for my watch too before I have Jessica. 

Add on top of this 6 months worth of filing which I have to do and I have also decided to completely re do my filing system, and my wedding folder that I need to reorganise which will all help me with my housewife duties once little Jessica is here! 

I love Sundays, they always make me feel so good about the week ahead and give me and my other half a real chance to catch up and plan what we need to do the following week and this week we have a midwife appointment where I can grill her over my induction and a friends wedding reception to attend so I need to start fighting out what to wear!!!

What's your favourite thing about Sundays? I'd love to know! 

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