Saturday, 19 April 2014

Hooking Mad!

It's been a week since I first picked up a crochet hook and now I can't put it down. 

I started small with some rows and started to try a little flower which surprisingly turned out very well! I found the YouTube tutorial soooo easy! I did have to start again twice as I kept getting a tad confused at the beginning but after it clicked, that was it! I was well and truly hooked and managed to make my first flower! 

This is the video I used to make it on YouTube. 

I then posted on the 'Sewfie Crochet Talk' group page on Facebook and shared my little flower and received so much lovely support and encouragement! I mentioned that I really wanted to try doing a granny square and I was told to just go and do it. 

So after watching another couple of YouTube videos, none of which I found entirely helpful on their own, I used two or three to get a general understanding of the pattern, I completed my first granny square in under 2 hours and here it is! 

Now a week later I have decided my first simple project should be a baby blanket for my little Princess due in July and now have this little stack going on! 

And now this morning, I have been awake an hour and already half way through another square which will be number 8! 

It is truly addictive! I find myself waking up early to pick up my hook and yarn to make even more squares! And the best thing about all this that makes it much more satisfying? 

My nana would be proud of me!!!! 

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