Sunday, 13 April 2014

New addiction: probably doing it wrong....

I've got a new addiction. CROCHET! 

Oh my god it's soooo addictive! And so adaptable! 

I did a rough practice 'thing' just messing about and was doing it until midnight last night, after all my housework and a bit of spring cleaning (pregnancy dictates I must space it out a bit) 

Look what I created. It's not very neat mind. 

I think my favourite bit about it is the frilly edge, it's so girly! 

This is what it looked like halfway through. 

At this stage it was really flat and I was thinking if making a large doily for my blue wooden garden table as the colour clash would have been amazing but then, for some reason, it started going up at the sides. (Must find out why) 

This was right at the beginning yesterday morning when I had not long started. 

Next project is a headband (that can be tied) and then after that I really want to make myself a belt that I can tie above my bump to pull in some of my looser, less flattering items of clothing. 

I might try a slightly different yarn material for the belt. Something that won't bobble like wool. 

And I think something a bit stretchy for the headband too! 

Does anyone know of any pages on Facebook or any websites and recommend some fab yarn for my next couple of projects? I'd love to share some love in my blog about my next projects about some lovely products. 

I tried a headband this morning when I woke up whilst the other half was still snoozing and just used DK wool which was actually recommended in the pattern. 

It's a bit of a messy look, I need to focus more I think :/ but I do love crochet, It's so relaxing. 

Might spend a few hours doing some knitting now. Were having a lazy Sunday today so I can just potter around. 

I've had a look at some patterns for some other items but it need to remember to start small for now. I need to smarten up the basics first! Lots of you tube research. 

Note: I got the pattern for the headband from 

Stay tuned for more crochet updates coming soon! 

If you have anything else you'd like to have discussed please email me at 

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