Friday, 7 March 2014

Second Trimester Niggles

I don't really know why everyone says that the second trimester is 'plain sailing'? 

In comparison to the first trimester sickness and the third trimester indigestion and heartburn I can kind of see why it is the lesser of all three evils BUT I kid you not when I say the second trimester brings with it it's own trials and tribulations! 

I am no longer throwing up multiple times a day but I am suffering with relatively severe SPD, chronic daily headaches, exhaustion and a new one for this week again......crying!!!!!!!! 

I feel like a bag of nerves! 

I come into work to 'discover' my chair has left me for for a slimmer owner, and my cool and collected reaction was to slam my bag on my desk and hurl my coat under my desk. Then I turn round, grab the spare behind me and crack on with my day feeling very aware of my mild over reaction. 

I have felt so confused at work that I am second guessing myself and when proof reading and checking work I am making sure that I'm not being over zealous or too flippant. 

The stress of the simplest of things like adding a new printer is just beyond me and has me flying out of the office in an over emotional blubbering state. 

I don't know what's happened to me! I was so calm, blissfully happy and relaxed and now I am tearful, scared to say or do the wrong thing, or even stick up for myself! I want me back from 2 weeks ago. I can't deal with people as a general thing, I have a short list of my lovelies that have a mutual understanding of my sensitivities and know exactly how to cheer me up or keep me on at least a level playing field, and for those I am eternal grateful for. 

The best thing about the second trimester is when you start to feel your precious bundle wriggling and squirming around inside you! For first pregnancies that is unfortunately a few weeks after consecutive pregnancies BUT every wriggle, every kick, every delicious tumble is what reminds me that I am an incredibly strong person! 

I have done all this before, and please don't tell me it will all be worth it in the end, that's what they said last time and I never got to bring my Penelope home, never got to change her bum, feed her, dress her in the prettiest dresses. But I have waited and fallen again and been blessed with my ray of sunshine from my beautiful angel as a Christmas gift! And I am doing all of this all over again! I have to feel the gentle kicks of my second daughter knowing she will never meet her big sister! 

This is my pregnancy and I will be putting myself and my little girl first, over and above everything else in life. 

My rules. My Princess. ❤️ 

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