Sunday, 9 March 2014

Overwhelming frustrations because of the weather?!?!?!

This weekend is turning into a glorious first spring weekend out lovely little UK is experiencing of the whole year, and all I want to do is cry!

I love spring cleaning but my house is in a state of complete upheaval! 

Firstly, I decided I wanted to paint my house, so I got my wonderful mother and step father over to help me paint my mammoth living room with its glorious double height cielings and open landing which I utterly adore but turns out you need some very long ladders and nerves of steel to paint that high up (cue said wonderful step dad!). 

Then we had ALL this lovely rain we've all experienced and my house decided it was thirsty and every weak spot that it had was affected, the rain fall was so much so that a normal build house could physically not withstand the volume of rain we were having. Considering this though, we are lucky and still have a home when so many people were rendered homeless after the rain we had! 

Then I discovered mouldy spores on the inside of my wardrobe, where all my clothes are! Luckily all my vintage gems were untouched and yanked out in enough time, I think I've probably lost one white pair of jeans but I'm not emotionally attached to them so they can be easily replaced. But I need to do something with the inside of the wardrobe before I can put my clothes back in and they all need rewashing before too so my mum has promised to come over to help me paint mould stop paint on the inside of the wardrobe and has even offered to wash all my clothes again for me so I don't have to lug it all to a launderette myself. 

The same also needs doing downstairs in the nursery but until my living room is finished, I can't move my things from the living room, out of the nursery to be able to get into the wardrobe to paint it. 

Not only all of that but I also now need to baby proof my home so selling a lot of my excess lovely pieces is now necessary. I want less clutter so it takes me a lot less time to dust everything when I will also have a baby to care for. 

Today is a perfect day to do all of that and nothing can be done until next weekend now...... Apart from maybe a dump run with things I know I don't want and I know I won't sell.....

Now to wake the Mr up.............

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