Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Maternity Wear from your own wardrobe

So, what do you lovelies have stashed away in your wardrobe that you thought you couldn't wear with a bump? 

Some pieces are a little more obvious than others such as your stretchy body con dresses, who ever said that your bump need to be hidden away in a very 1950's way. 

What about those stretchy body con pencil or mini skirts? You can either wear them tucked under your bump or if you have a calf length pencil skirt, pull it up to just underneath your busy and wear a vest top tucked under the skirt for a cute little French look. 

All your dresses that are cut under the bust, you can still wear those! If they look a bit too short by being lifted up by your bump, team with a pair of good quality leggings or jeggings or a pair of skinny maternity jeans. 

Maxi skirts and maxi dresses are definately an easy one! If the skirts have a stretchy waist band and the dresses don't cut at the waist, you can wear these with or without cardigans and wear with your favourite flat sandals, definately no more sky scraper wedges with your lack of balance these days! 

Hmmmm what else.... Oh yeah! 

If you are a fan of vintage, go through your mums and mum in laws lofts! I have a fabulous button down Etam dress from the 80's from my mother in law and a fabulous abstract chunky cardigan that I rescued from her big clear out too which I absolutely adore! 

The best finds are ones that are right under your nose, get creative, save money even try customising something you already have like an old pair of jeans by adding in stretchy side panels at the waist!?

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