Monday, 10 February 2014

My clothing dilemma

Now, everyone that knows me well, knows I have a very healthy shopping habit. 

My 4 door wardrobe is so full up the doors barely close and I have other units full of clothes besides. 

I'm almost 15 weeks pregnant and already have quite a noticeable bump but I want a new dress! I'm feeling fed up so feel like I NEED a new dress, I'm sure others understand where I'm coming from? 

And I really want a lindybop retro style dress, I have a couple of their swing dresses already and utterly adore them but this time, I have spied a lovely land girl style tea dress which I think would be the right style to skim over a growing bump? If like something non maternity but light material for the slightly warmer weather that I am sure will creep up on us any day now. 

I'm sick of wearing jeans every day. I'm in a massive rut with my clothes. Who wants to wear a dress in this weather? No one. But when there is sunny days breaking through rainy nights, you can't help but to feel slightly positive about the arrival of spring, can you? 

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