Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A new direction

This is quite a tough post to write as I'm not sure how I should be writing it. 

I'll give you the bare bones first. 

I've found a potential gap in the vintage market which I am terribly excited about. It's main market will be pregnant ladies. Funny enough I myself am pregnant. I just started my second trimester today so I am 14 weeks only. It's a fabulous exciting time for me and my partner and a perfect time to launch this type of business as I will have my maternity leave to spend on building it. 

My main fear is not that it will fail but that my body will fail me again. I've been through pregnancy before, all the way up to 36+4 weeks, only to be told that my little Penelope was no longer with us. What if it happens again to me, as I am now fully aware that it can happen to me at any stage but also it might not happen and everything could be fine. 

My fear as far as this topic is concerned is what if something terrible happens and I must continue my work with other lovely pregnant women? What then? 

I think my decision must be to forge on with my plans but to remain focused 100% on my baby and making sure he or she is healthy and has the best chance. 

So watch this space, I have something terribly exciting for all you mothers to be and those planning to conceive. Trust me. You won't want to miss this. 

All my love, Fi xxx

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