Friday, 25 October 2013

My Dirty Little Secret

I can't deny it. I have a problem. 

I don't think there is any cure for it. 

I don't think there is any counselling that can be offered for it. 

I'm so desperately, utterly in love with everything vintage. 

My life is consumed by it.

My TV viewing is based around all things vintage. I'm utterly immersed in Downton Abbey, Broadwalk Empire, Breathless and Masters of Sex! 

This is not a good thing for my addiction. 

I'm obsessed with the curtains in Dr William Masters' office in Masters of Sex. Which set me off on an online hunt for similar items (to which I have still yet to find and am close to trawling fabric shops to make my own). 

I adore the beautiful looped ribbon that secured baby Abigail's bonnet in Season 2 of Broadwalk Empire (of which I have successfully found and an order is on it's way to me!) I'm attempting hair styles from the beautiful actresses by studying and following YouTube videos. I am planning on finding or making Crochet curtains like those found in small Boarding Rooms. 

I'm in love with the etiquette of Downton Abbey and how the characters communicate with each other. I love the outfits from the twenties (even though I can't wear drop waist dresses :( ). 

And Breathless, what can I say? The outfits are that that I love (and can pull off more successfully than any other era) there is that cross between the iconic 50s and the incredible 60s. Set in 1961 the slightly older ladies are wearing full skirted dresses with perfectly curled and coiffed hair paired with coordinating hats and gloves and Kelly handbags and the slightly younger ladies are wearing outfits more recognisable of the 60s with patterned pedal pushers, fitted high neck sweaters and mini beehives. I am obsessed with Mrs Powell's full skirted dressing gown, even totally loving their housekeepers house coat. Especially as I have just purchased one myself! 

Watching 'vintage' TV just makes me want to shop more, and herein lies the problem. With Christmas looming, now is not the time to extend my wish list, especially as they are the type of things that aren't easily found. Research is needed, hours of time are required, scouring the internet. And then, most of the time, it is a one off item, a serious vintage find, and it either needs instant purchasing or completely ignoring that I have just found another piece that I 'simply must own!' 

I'm sure I can have a break for a couple if weeks. You see, I have just had 2 fabulous 1970's dresses arrive in the post!!!! Both are utterly fabulous but one is in need of repairs. Luckily I'm sufficiently handy with a needle and thread.

Please leave a comment and let me know what feeds your vintage obsessions. 

Until next time. Thank you for listening to my vintage ramblings my darlings. 

Lots of love

Fifi xxx

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