Thursday, 24 October 2013

Desperation Sets In....!

After 10 months of trying for a baby I am so close to experiencing another period. 

What shall I try now? 

Plotting dates? 
Charting my temperatures? 
Pretending were not trying? 
Chinese medicine?
Regular sex? Every 2-3 days? 

What tips can you offer myself and other ladies in my situation? And if you are a lovely lady trying to conceive, please say hi too! 

I have tried some old wives tales and a couple of hints from friends but I am so forgetful I need something that doesn't solely rely on my own memory to do. 

So I am imminently starting a brand new cycle. Day1 will be tomorrow I imagine by what I am feeling. 

Please come back for more on my fertility journey and more vintage based articles. I have a whole lovely list of things I want to cover, including some results on research of what fertility treatment and management was like in the 50s when fertility medicine was really taking off! You never know, we might learn something. 

I also have some new purchases I am awaiting. Check back for piccies! 

Night night my beauties, until tomorrow. 

Fifi xxx

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