Wednesday, 5 February 2014

I feel old but like I have witnessed a true revelation....


On my phone. 

It means that you can be utterly vain and present yourself as the person you wished you could be. 

Only problem is, I need this to be more of a reality. I'm getting married later this year! 

I suffer with awful acne, have done since I was 13 and now I'm almost 28! I used to be on medication to 'try' and control it but as a pregnant woman, the risk of the harsh acne treatments is not worth the risk to the baby. 

So, aswell as inevitably getting fat and gross, I have very painful SPD so any kind of managing the house for my hard working other half is difficult, and I have this acne to try and get over too! 

Time after baby will be washing my face at least as showering daily might be difficult and throwing on some jeans and the baby in the sling and the dog on his lead and going for lovely brisk walks in the shade together. I'll have 5 months to fix my face and make sure I'm conditioned enough to get in the beautiful wedding dress I have chosen. 

I hope you'll all be there to support me in my journey and offer some fab tips for me to test out. 

Love Fi xxx

My lovely airbrushed photo...........

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