Thursday, 19 February 2015

Giving up clutter for lent!

This is my challenge for Lent, not giving up chocolate, or sweets or even bread, but organising my home. 

Don't get me wrong, my home isn't dirty, but I do have a lot of stuff! 

When we lost Penelope I found myself buying lots and lots of things that I'd never need and now have decided I don't want. 

I could collect it altogether and do a car boot sale with it, but with a 7 month old baby, I can't see me getting round to it in all honesty, I'd rather donate most of it to charity shops. 

For example, I have 3 typewriters! Who needs 3 typewriters? I have one from pre world war which is in a bit of a bad way. I have a beautiful portable one from the 60s which works well apart from needing a new ribbon. And finally, I have an electronic one from the 80s which still works well! I've decided to get rid of the earlier one...that's it! Lol. 

Also, I know I have 2 sewing machines, but I need them both. I have one that's 2 years old and barely broken in and an old Singer machine for display purposes only. 

I need to go through my cosmetics definitely! I have finally, after 28 years, discovered the right products for my skin! The items I have hoarded for years needs to go! 

And, like almost every woman I know, I could probably do something about decluttering my clothing. I have 12 coats!!! This was never going to end well! 

If you want to join in with the challenge go to and sign yourself up. 

Let me know if you're joining in with me. I think it's better to detox the mind, then you're ready for anything! 

Good luck! 

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