Thursday, 23 April 2015

Now we're all settled into our new home....

Myself, hubby and our little Jessica have all moved into our first home of our very own and it has been a very busy month here! 

I have just managed to pick up my crochet hook again and have some time to write again and I am loving this place! 

Here is how our home looked in the first week... 

That's my lovely husband removing the old fireplace in our living room. The middle picture is where I began to take wallpaper off and discovered that part of the back wall had collapsed in the past, hence why it was covered with wallpaper I'm guessing! 

We started removing wallpaper in the house on day 3 and found a wonderful 60s cowboy and spaceships wallpaper, which was the bottom of 4 layers in that room! It took us a total of 3 days to remove all the wallpaper in the house and we aso removed all the carpets too! 

We also had to have a whole brand new central heating system installed as there had never been any in the property! 

This was us clearing out the fireplace so that we could plaster in and around it. 

We also had to remove the entire kitchen! The kitchen had suffered a leak at one point and the tiles were so poor. In some places there were 3 or 4 layers of tile upon tile! 

The fireplace after being plastered. 

An empty kitchen!! 

We then discovered all the walls needed replastering!! 

So then we reached a stage of where things were almost starting to get better. This was only a week in! 

Second instalment to follow..... 


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