Wednesday, 26 June 2013

My Mission Statement

Hello my beautiful, wonderful, amazing vintage enthusiasts! 

This is a place where you will find everything you need to lead a complete vintage life and surround yourself with some beautiful vintage items in the process. 

I will be including posts about how life was in the 40's and 50's as well as some amazing vendors to buy everything you could possibly want for your vintage life and some little top tips thrown in for good measure! 

I have also JUST got engaged! So of course I will be adding bits of my wedding planning including ideas, mood boards and my decision making process. Basically I want it 'bintage' as much as possible but where i can't, it will be vintage inspired....

My belief and aim is that I want lots of lovely people to go back to seriously vintage living. The good old days as it were. When people appreciated the little things and society wasn't in chaos. I know I am young and looking at things with rosé tinted glasses but why on earth can I not start a movement towards living better for the future? 

Oh and what's 'bintage' ? Sorry, I almost forgot. 


That is my philosophy

Biddy and vintage all rolled in one! Embrace getting old girls! These are the times when we can finally live in our parents and grandparents hey day and not look crazy! 

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